Call for Abstracts before Sept. 15th

The SFC Science & Technology Commission and the members of the Board are pleased to announce that the next International Symposium by SFC will be held on

December 5th – 6th 2023, Paris

The theme chosen at the end of the 2022 edition is

Exploring the Meta Skin: skin as interconnected ecosystems

You can now submit your proposals by filling in the attached form and sending it to contact@sfcosmeto.fr before September 15th 2023.

The highlighted topics will focus on specific examples illustrating:

  1. INTERCONNECTIONS BETWEEN: skin cells / intra-extracellular vesicles / skin and microbiome / skin and brain
  2. IDENTIFICATION AND MECHANISM OF ACTION of cell mediators or receptors involved in systems’ interconnections (chronobiology, epigenetics, etc.)
  3. COSMETIC FUNCTIONALITY AND SYSTEMS’ INTERCONNECTIONS: anti-aging, moisturizing, sensitive skin, sun protection, anti-pollution, lightening, etc.
  4. HOW INGREDIENTS CAN CAPITALIZE on systems’ interconnections to improve skin health

The symposium will combine research work with more industrial interventions.

Any conference proposed by raw materials or tests suppliers will be linked to sponsorship.

Please contact contact@sfcosmeto.fr to find out more about sponsorship opportunities.

All conferences will be given in English.